A Birthday Treat and a Diana Mini

Just a few photos I took of a classmate’s birthday treat with my Diana Mini.

Ever since I got my Diana Mini last month I haven’t really gone out with it just to shoot. So, I did the next best thing and started taking it with me to college every day.

My college building.

I didn’t take too many photos, just snapped up a few every day. EVERYONE who saw the camera was fascinated by it, as not many people know of Lomography, and they find the concept of still shooting film weird and somewhat primitive, to say the least.

Milkshakes in the canteen, as usual.

It started as just another college day, but I soon found out an acquaintance was celebrating her birthday that day! She planned a small treat for us but we soon found out that another friend was bringing a homemade pineapple cake as a surprise for her!

When the girl turned up at my college gate with the pineapple cake you should have seen the birthday girl’s expression! It was very emotional to say the least. :’)

And it soon emerged that another boy and another girl from our college were also celebrating their birthdays on the same day. So this was going to be epic!

The delicious home made pineapple cake!
The two birthday girl with the cake and a card. Handmade stuff wins over store bought stuff any day!
I really admired the floral patterns on these two girls blouses so I took this photo. The girl on the left is just an annoying girl who loves to photobomb.
The whole ‘party’, minus the boys. I think they were off getting their bikes at this point.
Double exposure! Cupcakes and meat tarts.

I had just a few shots left so that morning (and wasn’t carrying an extra one!) so these were all the shots I could take.

It was my first roll with the Diana Mini so I wasn’t sure about how the photos would turn out. But needless to say I am VERY happy with the results.

I look forward to photographing more fun times like these! =D

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