Film Archiving – Negative Sleeves


After developing my 20th roll or so I realised I would need to come up with some sort of system for having some kind of order to my negatives! After a bit of searching and asking around I found negative sleeves to solve my problem.

I had been searching for a method to archive my growing number of negative rolls when at long last I stopped in at one of my favourite little camera shops that has all sorts of weird and wonderful things. The owner named Cas showed me sleeves for negatives that have punch holes and are therefore file-able.

This changed my world, at the time I had only 35mm cameras so bought 60 sleeves and went straight to the a stationary shop to get a file and some dividers and sat at home for the about another hour placing all my negatives into the sleeves and dating them and giving them each a little description.

Not a long time passed and I bought a 120mm camera and I was running low on my 35mm sleeves, so it was back to the shop and luckily the had a bunch more 35mm sleeves and 120mm sleeves. I now have a full functioning system and can get to my negatives in 2 minutes if I need a specific bunch.

So if you didn’t know they existed now you do, they come in all sizes and a variety of layouts.

Happy Filing!

written by nicx on 2011-08-25 #gear #tutorials #film #negatives #sheets #archive #tipster #order #file


  1. unai
    unai ·

    nice tip! someone knows where can I buy cheap sleeves? I found nothing on ebay and I'm running out of space to store developed rolls

  2. ibkc
    ibkc ·

    @unai you can get them on Amazon for next to nothing.

  3. unai
    unai ·

    thanks @ibkc I've found them easily

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