LC-Wide Instant Kit

I got this when I bought the LC-Wide Bundle Kit and I love it. Here is a short review on this fantastic contraption!

So the Lomo LC-A Instant Back+, the magnetic lens and the cool viewfinder turns your beautiful LC-Wide into an amazing addition to your camera collection. The viewfinder is great and shows basically everything you will be taking a picture of in super wide angle! But the main factor in this kit is that it gives you corrected focusing so you can actually use the instant back on your LC-Wide!

It makes super wide images that you didn’t think was possible…such as making your legs look twice as long as they really are!

It makes fantastic close ups and portraits, and loves a coloured flash at night!

It also makes great double exposures in a super wide beautiful instant!

I have only had a go on it a few times, so the range of photos I have put up on here isn’t amazing, but trust me, this gizmo is great! The Instant kit is worth the money and worth the fun!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the effects of the Lomo LC-A or the LC-Wide, in a heartbeat? With the LC-A Instant Back+, now you can! Watch your photos develop right away with the LC-A Instant Back+.

written by explorette on 2011-08-24 #gear #review #instax #mini #lomography #fuji #instant-back #user-review #requested #lcwide #explorette #instant-photos

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