The Sidekick TPE Bag: The Greatest Bag in the World!


I got this bag about a month back, as I was struggling with other bags being able to hold my small analogue obsession.

I love bags. Bags that can carry everything ever needed. I had struggled with the bags I already had to fit my cameras and my usual rubbish in all at the same time. Then I saw the Sidekick TPE Bag and knew this was the bag for me!

The Sidekick TPE Bag can hold more than two cameras, as there is a bottom compartment which can hold a Sprocket Rocket and Colorsplash Flash. The top two pockets hold my LC-Wide, and either a Diana Mini or a Fisheye, or one of my many other millions of cameras! It is also capable of holding all your belongings and more!

These pictures show just how much stuff I carry around with me: 4 cameras, a flash, film and random stuff that just appears in there! Even my cat loves it!!!

It’s sexy and has cool Lomographic writings on it! A beautiful bag with pockets everywhere you need them! It is nearly waterproof in all aspects, except when you are in a super rainy downpour and you’re nearly drowning. You’ll feel a small amount of dampness near the zipper area, but this doesn’t get anything wet at all! I was really impressed by this!

If you need a reliable bag to hold your cameras and your stuff in, get this bag!!!

Oh and another good thing is that the front bit can be detached from the bag, so if you want to travel light, then you can also can!

The Sidekick TPE Bag features a 2-in-1 detachable design and is made from 100% water-resistant TPE to tackle even the heaviest of weather conditions. It features a small camera bag on the front, which clips perfectly to a large bag in the back that can hold a small laptop, vinyl records or similar-sized items. Comes in two sizes — Standard and smaller Lite.

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  1. has
    has ·

    its an awsome bag :)

  2. gitarre
    gitarre ·

    wanna buy, wanna buy......

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