RECAP: Masterpieces in the Dark

Brave and dedicated Lomographers came together on a rainy and windy night for a light painting session at Alamo Square Park. Our friends were able to utilize the nightfall and ambient light from downtown to craft their very own fun and wacky masterpieces.

The on and off rain didn’t stop the daring bunch of Lomographers from gathering at the Alamo Square Park for a little light painting fun. The park’s trademark hills and picturesque city views made for a great canvas.

With wind in our hair and a bit of mud on our shoes we roamed around and found a hilly area that overlooked downtown San Francisco. The lights from downtown gave us just enough to frame and compose our shots all the while serving has a wonderful background.

As always, once Lomographers get together someone is bound to bring some sort of crazy and unique piece of analog equipment with them. This time was no different when a fellow Lomographer showed off her very own 1940s medium format camera. It was also her very first time attempting to shoot light painting pictures with that camera.

Despite our freezing hands and faces we were able to chat and exchange light painting tips and tricks. Most importantly we got to take pictures and make new friends. Thanks for everyone that made it out and we hope to see you guys again at our next meetup!


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