Experiment With All Natural Chemicals!


I’ve got the chance to take home a large batch of limes from work. Now, I like the color and taste of limes, so why not my film?!
This small (part 1) tipster is about the effects of acidic lime juice on film!

Credits: kamiraze

This tipster is more a “Look, this is what I did” then a “Oh look, I could do that” article.
It’s my first go at it, so it isn’t solid in any form! These are the steps I took:

1. So I’ve got the limes and a juicer. I got one for 2 euro’s and it really makes the job a lot easier. Cut the limes in half, gently sqeeze one time by hand, then use the juicer. To get all the juice give the half lime another good sqeeze with your hand!

2. I’ve filtered the collected juice. I didn’t want the pulp, I just wanted the juice.

3. Lay the film in the lime bath. Make sure it is submerged!

4. After an X amount of time, take the film out and rinse it with fresh cold water. The first roll was in there for an hour, the second for just 10 minutes. I’ve used Agfa Vista 200. Regular stuff.

5. Dry the film. This is where I kinda failed. My parents where in vacation and the took the hairdryer! The best thing I think of was to make the bathroom a darkroom and let it hang and dry. From this moment on it went wrong for my first try. I couldn’t completely darken the bathroom. So the films collected light (even if it was a reasonable small amount) for a good 20 minutes. You see that on the pictures as a slightly white haze over the pictures. I used a paper towel to get as much water as possible out of the “mouth” of the roll.

6. Load in camera. I chose the Asahi Pentax K2 since it has a powerful film transporter. Since the film was still a bit wet ( see point 5) it has the tendency to stick to the inside of the camera. There is a pressure plate to keep the film tightly against the frame. The film however got stuck because of this pressure plate. I had to open the camera to help it transport. I used my coat as a tiny darkroom. All in all not to smooth.

The results for the roll that was in the lime juice for 10 minutes! :

Credits: kamiraze

The results remind me of the “Dishwasher experiment”

Up next are the results of the roll bathing for 1 hour in lime juice:

Credits: kamiraze

Much more pink in it! Good thing is it didn’t eat the film, more time changed the colors but didn’t ruin it.

I’ve got plenty of juice left of another experiment! Literally and figuratively speaking since I’ve put the remaining juice in the freezer and I want to see what it does when everything is more under control.

Talking about lime the whole time makes me want a caipirinha! Cheers!

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  1. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    I did something like this some time ago and am not brave enough to take the roll to the lab - the guys over there would kill me if my "experiment" damages their machines! I can't wait to see the results, however!
    Nice article and nice effects!

  2. ibkc
    ibkc ·

    A little tip about drying film: a normal fan, the kind that blows regular air to cool us off in the summertime, dries film very fast and efficiently. No need for hot air like the kind from a hairdryer. All that is needed is air circulating and you're good to go.

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