Design Festival Workshops at Lomography Gallery Store East London!

As part of London Design Festival we welcome you all in-store… pop in to find out all about us, pick up a free newspaper and join us for one or more of our exciting workshops this week. Be it a LomoLab workshop, an Introduction to Lomography, a LomoWall panel building workshop or a fun Blue Hour night of drinks and music!

Wednesday 14th September, 2pm – LabRats – Coffee Developing Part 1
This workshop explores how one can turn the use of simple household products into a fine art! Using a combination of instant coffee, soda crystals and vitamin c powder, we will develop black & white film and get some serious low contrast end results.
During this first leg of the workshop, attendees will go out and shoot (coffee shops and beyond!) and come back to a cup of coffee and a brief explanation of the uses of these easily available products in the development while we develop the film!
This is a two part workshop. Tickets are £15 and include a roll of earl grey 100 iso b&w film, a coffee to drink, and discounts on film processing. Film and development for the session are included and a camera will be lent. 5 person maximum for this workshop.

Saturday 17th September, 6pm – LabRats – Coffee Developing Part 2
With coffee served (of course!), attendees can collect their coffee processed negatives while having the opportunity to direct the LomoLab team as we scan the pictures, choosing the density levels and contrast settings suitable to each person’s taste.

Monday 19th September – Come say hi!
Drop in to Lomography Gallery Store East London throughout the day to pick up a “What the Hell is Lomography” newspaper and chat to our lovely staff. Learn what we are all about, explore our extensive range of film and cameras and maybe even have a cup of tea!

Tuesday 20th September, 5pm – Design your own LomoWall
LomoWalls are the most distinctive part of any Lomography store and what better way to show off your own Lomographs than to make your very own! We will provide you with a panel to display them on and all the bits & bobs you need in between!
Tickets are £15 and include 81 prints, LomoWall panel & supplies. Please send a zip file of your desired images either 81 images or 21 individual images (21 photos will be printed 4 times for quadruplicate collage effect) to by Friday 16th September.

Wednesday 21st September, 2pm – LabRats – Fizzy Developing Part 1
Lomofun with fizz! Attendees of this workshop will learn about developing films in regular black & white chemistry but with a twist —using the carbonated developing solution parts of the image will be unprocessed where the bubbles stick to the film. Attendees will go out and shoot some London neighbourhood gems—coming back to fizzy drinks whilst their film develops (with a brief explanation of the bubbles’ effect on the film).
This is a two part workshop. Tickets are £15 and include a lend-a-cam, a roll of earl grey 100 iso b&w film, a cold drink, and discounts on film processing. 5 person maximum for this workshop.

Thursday 22nd September – The Blue Hour – Diana Masked Portraits
Each and every Thursday, Lomography Gallery Store East London hosts the Blue Hour, a free event for Lomographers! This week we are inviting you to have your portrait taken with the Diana F+ which has been inserted with a special mask. Stars, stripes, love-hearts…you won’t know until we publish the results! Additionally we will show you how to make your own mask and have the usual beers and treats on hand. This event is free! All welcome!

Friday 23rd September – Double Double
Double exposures are a staple of Lomographers worldwide! Lomography Gallery Store invites you to drop in and take your own double exposure! We’ll be using our special Redscale XR film on the trusty LC-A+. Will you get red tones, blue or sepia tones? Come experiment and find out! This event is free! All welcome!

Saturday 24th September, 6pm – LabRats – Fizzy Developing Part 2
With more fizzy pop served, workshop attendees can collect their processed negatives whilst having the opportunity to direct the LomoLab team as the photos are scanned so they can choose the density levels and contrast settings tailored to their taste.

Workshops located at:
East London Lomography Gallery Store
117 Commercial Street, London, E1 6BG
United Kingdom

To book please call 0207 426 0999

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