5 Questions on Analogue Photography with Gustavo Osorio

In this new ongoing series “5 Questions on Analogue Photography with…” we send out the same set of questions to photographers. Today, we feature our very own LomoAmigo, Gustavo Osorio. Catching up with him has been a pleasure and we’re glad he’s making good use of his Lubitel 166+!

Name: Gustavo Osorio
Occupation: Photographer and gallivanter
Country: Originally from Colombia, now based in Spain

1. Tell us about yourself in three sentences maximum?
I’m a waffle lover wondering son of a gun with a camera in my hand.

Gustavo Osorio

2. Why do you still shoot analogue?
I suppose I’m a nostalgic person. Nowadays when you are working as a photographer, your clients demand quick deliveries and a LOT of post-processing, so of course you have to work digital. I started taking photographs before the digital burst and shooting film is a way for me to extract myself from work mode and remember why I fell in love with photography in the first place!

3. What photographic equipment (cameras, films, and accessories) do you usually have in your bag?
I always carry some extra film, gaffer tape and a little optic cloth. Although not photographic, an iPod and headphones are always in my bag.

4. Share a trick of yours that will always result to a great photo.
Take your time taking the photograph. don’t just shoot, build the image in your mind before shooting and then when it all comes together, release the shutter.

5. Which photographers influence your work?
So many of them that I would never end… But if I have to pick a few, I’d Say Peter Lindbergh, Jeff Wall, and Sam Taylor-Wood.

Thanks to Gustavo for taking the time to answer these questions! If you want to see more of his work, check out his website . In case you haven’t seen it already, you can check out his LomoAmigo interview and photos here.

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