Fritz the Blitz and the LC-Wide, A Match Made in Heaven!

You’ve seen the flash, you’ve seen the camera, now get a taste for what they can do together. Putting the two together and having a night out was an excellent idea. See more after the jump.

We were as excited as you were when Fritz the Blitz was finally sold as a separate item in the store. Our own snoop and hanshendley, even more so than others. They took the flash out for a night on the town (one in Vienna, one in NYC), and shared these images with us!

As usual, we recommend plugging your headphones in when you check out a gallery, think party songs…

images by snoop and hanshendley

Do you have any shots taken with the LC-Wide paired with Fritz the Blitz? Post the links in the comments so we can all have a look!

2011-08-20 #news #fritz-the-blitz #lc-wide-photo-gallery

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