Instax Business Cards


Different. Business cards that marry Digital to Analog. Something personally created that is different every time. A unique product that raises peoples interest in it, and the process that creates it.

Necessary materials:

  • An instant camera (a Fuji mini 50s)
  • Film for the instant camera (Instax)
  • Transparencies (overhead projector type)
  • Possibly a computer and printer, or some artistic skill to draw/write on the transparency
  • Super glue
  • Creativity

Although this process can create business cards, what you do with it, is limited by your imagination.

For a simple business card example, use a template. Apple’s pages comes with one for business cards:

After creating the business card:

Print it on a transparency:

Then, cut out the individual cards:

Turn the business card upside down (top to bottom) and flip the transparency over (front to back).

and glue the transparency to the unused film cartridge.

Insert the film cartridge into the camera, and take a picture:

You now have a business card/picture to hand out:

Questions and Answers:

Why did you do this as a Tipster?
It was requested.

I like this tipster and want to thank you for it. How do I do that?
Please go here and rate the instruct able I wrote on it. I’d like to win the contest this idea is entered in. I want to get the printer, sell it, and spend the money here.

What was your inspiration for this?
There was another tipster done about “signature” pictures. They used HO scale (train) miniatures inside a Holga or Diana to cast a shadow of the figure on a negative. I decided that this technique could be used to make business cards.

What is the airspeed velocity of a wren?
Africain or European?

Fuji Instax Mini Film gives sharp, fine-grained, and vibrant pictures. Delivering speedy results due to accelerated development system, this credit card-sized film is compatible with all Instant Mini Cameras and LC-A and Diana Instant Back+.

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