Coffee to Go!


After the first try to prepare the film with coffee i gave it another try. It was nice at first but I wanted to improve it further.

The second round i tried to prepare a B/W film. It went a bit different then i wanted it to I forgot the canister in the boiled coffee and instead of 10 minutes the film was bathing for about 45 minutes. There were just 2 photos which came out and it was even blurry – but i love that one:

The third time I thought to prepare a slide film. That time I was quite curious about the time of the bath and took out the film after about 10 minutes. dried the slide pulled out in a dark room and loaded my camera.

Here the results from my sprocket rocket on a quite sunny day with the coffee-slide:

Try this different way of COFFEE TO GO !!

written by t82 on 2011-08-26 #gear #tutorials #film #lab-rat #tipster #labrat-experiment-coffee-gupexperiment


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Excellent !

  2. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    Very interesting! Gotta try it someday!

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