Interior Design for Your Pictures


So you went to a party or had a drink with friends and ended up using all your film shooting funny faces and glasses and you want to do something to turn those pictures into more interesting material? Here is a tip for decorating your pictures.

It was Friday night and my friends and I met to drink some beer and I ended up taking like 20 pictures of my face with my Fisheye 2. Next day I didn’t even remember what I shot but I realized I had used all my film and I wanted to do something to make them more interesting.

What I did is really easy and you can find the materials at home.

I used:

  • A piece of cardboard or paper, I used paper from an old magazine.
  • A paper punch with decorative figures, in this case I used one that had like a sun or a star, they are not expensive, it cost me about 2 dollars.
  • Tape.

Since I didn’t know I was going to use all my film shooting my face that night I didn’t marked my film, so I thought I could decorate the bottom and the top of the image, any other attempt to decorate the pictures would have ended in overlapped images.

Here is what I did:

  • I punched the top and bottom of a piece of paper cut in order to fit into my LOMO LC-A+.
  • I placed the piece of paper in the LC-A+.
  • I placed the film I already used with my Fisheye 2 into de LC-A+.
  • I mostly shot textures since only little of those pictures will appear in the final image.

Here are the best shots, I used Fuji Sensia 100 film which gave pictures special tones, I hope you try this tip and enjoy shooting pictures both times!

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  1. r1c4rd0zk
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    Great tipster!

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    afitox ·

    perfek! greetings from kuwait ;)

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    qrro ·

    im gonna try this asap, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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