Chemistry Photobooths: From Portraits to Storytelling to T-Shirts


Photobooths are an analogue medium every Lomographer should experiment with. Originally these black-n-white or color machines were made for portraits but with the great time lapse between each frame, there are so many ways of getting creative and telling a story. I’d like to think these dip-n-dunk photobooths are the original mini movie creators.

You can use the curtains as your backdrop as seen in the strips above or you can create your own backgrounds and bring them to the booth to make your own unique strips like below.

You can bring some props to make a statement or to commemorate a special occasion like these, entitled “Getting Ready To Ride”, which were taken on our last snowboarding trip of the season earlier this year.

We’ll even celebrate the particular location of the actual photobooth like these, which were taken in Philadelphia near LOVE Park:

But some of my absolute favorites are the ones taken with friends! Whether we are switching people between frames or we are all in each frame, I love telling stories together. Plus, it’s really funny when you try to cram as many people as possible in a booth where it was meant to probably have only one person! :D

As you may already know, chemical photobooths are becoming more and more scarce as years go by but of the few that are still in operation, it is definitely worth your time to stop by and take a few strips. Thanks to a wonderful Lomo friend, dirklancer, I was introduced to a website that can help you locate a photobooth near you:

Some of the entries include the name of the establishment of where the photobooth is located, the address and even a sample strip from that particular location. This is actually how I found one of my favorite spots when I visit Philadelphia, a restaurant called El Vez. It’s a delicious Mexican American restaurant that has a black and white photobooth in the dining area and a wall full of photobooth strips from previous customers. Not only can you get great food and drinks but you can also get your photobooth strip on a t-shirt!

So, are these old fashion machines a part of the past, kind of like how some people think that’s where film belongs? Well, if you ask me, chemical photobooths are analogue and the future IS analogue!

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  2. dirklancer
    dirklancer ·

    thanks for the shout out! :D

  3. ssamm66
    ssamm66 ·

    Love the "Hey...Huh" Strip!

  4. vtayeh
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    @dirklancer : Well, I couldn't write an article about photobooths without mentioning who got me started on this obsession!!

  5. nuhdos
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    it seems so funny, such an original idea ! :D

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