Subtle Hues: The Warmth of Fujichrome MS 100/1000


Before using Fujichrome MS 100/1000 film, I tried looking through the photos here at Lomography for any examples, and found sparse results. I decided to take a chance and after getting my slides developed, I fell in love. Creamy whites, subtle yellows, striking blues, and the ability to push process — what a great film!

Credits: dearjme

The environment here at is such a great, fostering, encouraging online community that welcomes photo-lovers of all ages and level of experience. So many times I’ve felt shadowed by friends who boasted thousand dollar DSLRs and talked about light exposure specifics and histograms. I’ve still got yet a lot to learn about the technicalities of photography, but it’s here on this website where I learned to truly spread my wings and take upon myself new chances.

Credits: dearjme

One of those chances was ordering a Colour Slide 35mm Film Pack from the Lomography online store, using up my precious piggies left over from a previous purchase. With the package came a film I had never heard of, Fujichrome MS 100/1000. So before using this film, I tried to look up some examples in our Lomography photo search engine, but didn’t find a huge result pool. There seemed to be various ways to term this film: such as Fuji MS, or Fujifilm (not chrome) 100/1000, etc etc. Can anyone tell me the real name of this film? Haha :)

Anyway, I took this film out for a spin with my trusty LC-A+ to a road trip that my boyfriend and I took around the island of Oahu.

Credits: dearjme

I also used my colored flash during the evening at a dinner with friends — the colors strike me as a lava lamp — bursting with crisp flashes. Not to mention the gnarly light leaks that snuck in.

Credits: dearjme

I usually hate the yellow tone that seems to always appear when shooting under incandescent light, but somehow this film really turned my view in a positive light. The yellows are not completely harsh as I’m used to seeing. So this makes shooting creamy skin tones in outdoor sunlight really pleasant to see, instead of expecting sharp colors.

Credits: dearjme

Overall, I would definitely purchase this film again! Maybe next time I can develop it regular as E-6 and try some push processing, as it was formulated to do. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

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  1. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    i miss this film. :(

  2. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Aww, they don't sell it at the lomography store? I really liked the results I got from this film:)

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