Analogue Musings with yuppielove: Painting the Town Pink


We asked LomoCanada Community member and avid blogger yuppielove to share with us a series of short stories out of Calgary about the different ways she fits analogue into her daily life. Hope you enjoy her musings, this time she seeks out a little Wild West and rock’n’roll with her colour gels.

I recently experimented with the fuchsia filter gel for my Diana Mini Flash during a night on the town at one of Calgary’s great rock’n’roll bars, The Palomino. If you are looking for a little bit of Wild West culture which is actually pretty hard to find in this city – The Pal is the right place when you are hankerin’ for a bit of pulled pork and a lot of plaid.

The Brenda Vaqueros ( were playing their last show ever; a legendary YYC band whom have been writing killer licks for the past ten years. A good friend was moving away and it also happened to be my birthday. What better way to spend an evening full of debauchery, goodbyes, and celebrations than to accent it with the most obnoxious lens filter gel ever?!

There was free beef on a bun, rockin’ tunes aplenty, and gorgeous girls and boys left-right-and-center. It was hard not to get swept away in the moment and snap just about everything and everyone in sight. The most surprising shots of the night were certainly the abandonded trays of simmering meat contrasted with the red hot legs on the other side of the window. Or what about my friend who decided to show off his tattoos in the most un-modest of ways? What a card!

It may be true that I was living through rose, or for that matter, hot pink-coloured lenses all night but isn’t that they way it always should be?

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  1. canadas-lomography
    canadas-lomography ·

    im definitely getting into my colour gels more!

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