Life in 20 Exposures: A Guide to Multiple Exposures


Photography with a minimum of 3 exposures per picture. My life in 20 exposures and 5 photo’s. A tale of Lomography done by a 15 year old.

Credits: forever

These pictures are the outcome of my journey of working with multiple exposures on 1 frame. I was curious how far I could actually go in creating pictures as a sort off collage while not losing feeling in the whole frame.

Since I’m a teenager (14 while taking most of these pictures, currently 15) I wanted these pictures to have a hedonistic touch of fun, friendship and pleasure. The five frames you’ll see in the gallery are composed of 20 exposures total. All this done fully analog with 2 rolls of film and a Diana Mini + Flash.

This is my quality time growing up along with my friends without any goals whatsoever. These are the people that surround me, they form a part of my life just in the way they also perform as a part in the full frame of every picture.

Some pro-tips when doing more than 3 exposures:

  • Use flash on every exposure at day to create a more washed out photo.
  • Experiment with using non flash exposures in your background for vibrance.
  • Try to keep one exposure rather simple (unless your looking for chaos).
  • This may sound silly but use a notebook to draw//write down your last exposure. Just to know where your picture is going. (Don’t buy a expensive notebook, the cheap dollar stuff was enough for Nabokov. It should be enough for you to)
  • Pay attention to shadows and highlights..overlapping a shadow with a highlight makes a much more active picture.
  • Contractions can work out amazing. For example: shoot a forest and a city in the same picture!
  • When having people in your shots remember to shoot ideas or moments, not just people.
  • Compensate your heavy exposures with non heavy ones.
  • Frames are FUN FUN FUN like Rebecca Black, try using frames! (you can even make custom ones from cardboard etc)

-Cesar Majorana

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    holy teens :)

  2. puechnerbooks
    puechnerbooks ·

    Holy hot dog in the second picture.

  3. meesterbrein
    meesterbrein ·

    Haha, is de 'broodje worst' foto nou verwijderd?

  4. strangelilgirl
    strangelilgirl ·

    Am I crazy or is 1 photo missing?

  5. gabysalas
    gabysalas ·

    @strangelilgirl, we had to remove the second image, we have a PG audience as well.

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