City Libraries: “Ioan N. Roman” Public Library Constanta

“Ioan N. Roman” Public Library is the biggest of its kind in Constanta County. It was officially founded on the 19th of July 1931 and by 1942, it already housed about 20,000 volumes. In 2008, the Public Library had about 504,000 books and a substantial collection of audio/video documents, electronic documents, manuscripts, microfilms, and iconography.

The political changes and the historical events (such as the 1989 Revolution) greatly influenced the development of the “Ioan N. Roman” Public Library; therefore, it wasn’t until 1998, that this public institution moved to a permanent headquarters situated on Mircea cel Batran Street 104A. The location is very good, considering that the building is very near to the old part of town (where you can find a lot of museums, buildings with inspiring architecture, parks, and pubs).

Other important events in the history of the library:
•1991: the first number of the “Biblion” Magazine gets published
•1999: the library connects to the internet
•2009: implementation of the Biblionet National Program, as part of the International Program “Global Libraries” initiated by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (endowment of public libraries with internet centers for the public).

Here you can find a wide collection of books which you can either take home for a limited period of time or study in one of the reading rooms. The books are mainly written in Romanian, but you can also find some books written in English. The public library also hosts a collection of local and national newspapers which can be very useful for those who are studying journalism here in Constanta.

Apart from reading or borrowing books, the “Ioan N. Roman” Public Library periodically hosts various cultural events and art expositions (mostly painting and photography). Since 2010, people interested in upcoming events have been able to visit the library’s Facebook Page, which is a very welcome communication upgrade considering that the library’s site isn’t frequently updated.

Wed: 12:00 pm-8:00pm

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