Sleping in the Train

Here is a small series of processed film strips layered with magnets and pinned with aluminum clip. Hope you guys like it!

The setup is a series of films strips shot with an antique Amsterdam Vena BOX layered together with magnets and pinned with aluminum clip.

The title of the piece is “Sleping in the train”(with one “e” because English is not my mother tongue). I attempt to reflect upon the theme of my picture by the set up with layered strips for in that roll of photos we where ALL sleeping in the train. This is an analogue photo of another photo or several photos.

For the purpose of this crazy experiment some film was cross processed and other shot on the cheapest available film. Also all pictures where done through a Panorama adapter for 35mm film. 2 different lenses where also used.

written by fmadera on 2011-08-26 #gear #tutorials #art #tipster #magnets #cross-processing #gupexperiment #amsterdam-vena-box #aluminum-pin

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