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There is one thing I remember quite vividly from my childhood: Saturday afternoons in which my mom and I picked up our printed photographs at the local HEMA. As soon as my Diana CMYK arrived, the first thing I did was return to that trust old HEMA to, they should still sell film there right?

Credits: pretletterp

For non Dutchies (or Belgians), HEMA is one of the oldest Dutch chain stores that you can find. Chances are that if you ever come to the Netherlands, you will have walked past one or two of them. After this article, I’d advise you to go inside and buy some film!

REJOICE! The HEMA does indeed still sell rolls of film! They have 200 and 400 color negative and as expected from HEMA the price isn’t that high either. For a 3-pack you pay € 6 (for 200 ISO), or € 7.50 (400 ISO). Included with that purchase are 3 coupons for free development if you have your photos printed at the HEMA.

After filling up 2 rolls of film with images, having them developed and scanning them a few things caught my attention.

The first roll of film was shot with a lot of colorful subjects in it. Main focus was a graffiti wall near the Sloterdijk train station. With my Diana F+ CMYK, a few different lenses, and some experimenting, I managed to make a cute series of images. The result of which you can see down here.

The effect of the 35mm Back on my Diana and the visible sprocket holes combine very well with the tracking codes the HEMA rolls have on the sides. It gives the images a industrial feeling in my opinion.

Credits: pretletterp

The film roll has a schizophrenic way of handling bright colors. It sucks up the color pretty fast and manages to show them harder and brighter then they are in reality. Personally, I love this effect, as it gives a great ‘lomofication’ of the images.

Credits: pretletterp

After shooting the other roll in my Diana Mini in half frame I noticed something completely different. I was on vacation in the Czech Republic and with bright, but sunless weather the pictures ended up being a bit ‘grey’. The images come out looking very much like Soviet Russia. I love the vibe that comes off of it.

Credits: pretletterp

The image below really shows you the 2 main things I noticed with the HEMA film. On the left side you can see an image of a Czech farm, it’s a bit grey and flat. The right side however displays a crochet project of mine. Which is done in lime green and bright purple. The colors on that side of the image pop like crazy!

Credits: pretletterp

I haven’t had any film developed by the HEMA yet, I’m too scared something will go wrong cutting the images, but I heard that the HEMA in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam is pretty good with lomographer’s rolls. I’ll have to venture into that experiment soon.

All in all, if you are in the Netherlands (or Belgium) and have the chance, pick up some rolls of HEMA film. And get some stroopwafels while you’re there!

Wikipedia page on HEMA

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  1. 77235
    77235 ·

    i'm a fan! HEMA has some stores in Germany as well - I know Duisburg/Dusseldorf!

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Does HEMA have a slide film? How much the price. Really need an answer :) Thanks

  3. pretletterp
    pretletterp ·

    @hervinsyah: Unfortunately HEMA doesn't have a slide film. They only sell 200 and 400 iso color negative in 35mm :)

  4. andrus_n
    andrus_n ·

    Do they still have the films on stores? Could not find it online. I believe I want some of them now :-)

  5. sandergroen
    sandergroen ·

    I just bought a 3-pack Hema 400 CN, which was the last one they had. I needed two packs, so I went to the photo shop next door and bought their cheapest 3-pack 400 ISO film: Fuji Superia X-tra. I'm now pretty sure the Hema film IS Fuji. The packaging is EXACTLY the same, every single detail; same dimensions, same shapes, same nifty perforation, the expiry date is stamped on the back in the same font and in the same position, it even has the same expiry date. The only differences are the print on the packaging and the price: the Fuji pack cost me € 14,95, the Hema pack € 8,75 - that's less than 3 euros instead of 5 euros per roll. ;-)

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