Film for Day and Night: Lomography Color Negative 800 120mm

When I go traveling, I will take different sorts of films for different uses. Yet, Lomography 800 120 will always be in the lot. It is great for taking photos for day and night.

Taking photos has become one of the main activities when I go for holidays. Yet, it is hard to predict the weather conditions when you visit a foreign countries. Therefore, rolls of Lomography 800 120 should always be ready for situations in which other films are not suitable.

Credits: sebastiansiu

I usually use Lomography 800 for low light conditions. It is perfect for cloudy days or night time. It enables me to take pictures of stunning night scenes. It works best with Lubitel 166+ in my experience.

Credits: sebastiansiu

Not only is Lomography 800 great for dim light conditions but it works well under great sunlight. Try to overexpose it and the results would be surprisingly good.

Credits: sebastiansiu

I would say this film is versatile!

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