Review on the Lomography CN 100 35mm Film


If you want to get a bit of an idea about how this film performs before buying, then read this.

The Lomography CN 100 35mm film. Simple. Effective. Beautiful.

Now, the number 100 possibly screams out to you that this film needs sun and a lot of it, but this turned out not to be the case. I managed to get great pictures abroad (a VERY sunny location) and at home (rather dull and boring UK).


Credits: houda21


Credits: houda21

This film really enhances the colours resulting in a clear picture. It may not be as fancy as one may want but it does the job at a pretty reasonable price. Also the added bonus of it coming in a pack of three did appeal to me.

I used my Diana Mini to shoot these pictures but I’m pretty sure that it will do a brilliant job with any 35mm camera. I have to say that I am impressed and will most likely be buying this product again.

Credits: houda21

Use Lomography Colour Negative 100 35mm film and you’ll be guaranteed images dripping with vivid colours, smooth grain, and fine resolution. Paired with a flash or under bright sunlight, this film will deliver breathtaking results. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    I like this film too..<:)

  2. matwurst
    matwurst ·

    wow...looks like a real arabian city...

  3. houda21
    houda21 ·

    @matwurst It is!

  4. matwurst
    matwurst ·

    yeah i know..but the film makes it look like even more!

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