Double the Flash - Double the Fun!


I love double exposures taken with different flash colors! The only thing you need for this is a camera with a flash and the possibility for double exposures (MX). Try it! It’s easy and you’ll love the results!

It’s not difficult to try it yourself: take your camera with double exposure and flash, shoot a picture in one color, then change the flash color and take a second picture.

The first time I saw a picture with this technique was in the home from eddie_2k9. I tried it myself, and loved the results! Since then, always when I take pictures with flash, I try to use two flash filters. With the Diana flash it needs some time to change the filter gels, but with a Colorsplash Flash or my Holga flash it’s easy and fast. The faster I shoot, the more overlapping are the pictures. But you will never get a 100% overlapping image!

My favorite combination is red and green, it’s a bit like a 3D picture. But also other colors are nice!

written by shoujoai on 2011-08-23 #gear #tutorials #art #night #color #mx #filter #tipster #flash #double-exposure #gels


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    Heehee... @jaydeepeed we are flash spammers

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    Opps! @jaydeepee

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    HAHAH, hi @awfullysasha. yeah mans. you should check out my current film(that i am trying to finish) its the ultimate spam.

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    @jaydeepee HEEHEEE. okay i can't wait :P the worst part of film cameras is the WAITING for developing.

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    I also tried it out and it's absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the tipster!

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