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If you want to register crazy moments with your friends, you must follow this tipster!

So, I bought my first Lomo camera, the Diana F+, and I hesitated in buying this one ’cause I really wanted the Fisheye too, but either way, with this tipster both results in awesome effects.

This tipster is not something really difficult to use, in the opposite it’s reaaaalllyyy easy. So, my Diana didn’t have the 35mm adapter and I noticed only after buying it that the 120mm film was more expensive than the one with 35mm, so someone told me about this tutorial on youtube in how to use a 35mm film without having to buy the adapter.

You can notice that in the video as you can’t see in which photo you are you have to count the clicks of the button to change to another photo, and it says 42 clicks, but I thought that if I used less clicks maybe it will have a great effect with images really near the others. So, i thought of linking those less clicks (34 clicks in my case) with photos in almost complete dakness and shoot the pictures with the flash of the Diana to my friend’s faces with a red gel filter. ( Notice that the film is redscale so it helped even more the strong red colour and also when I revealed the photos I asked for those holes of the film to stay that way)

and voilá, here it is the result! (this is just a very simple tip, I’m new at this and I just thought this will get some ideas for you guys!)

(These last ones you can notice in the end there’s a outdoors foto sometimes when you link this effect with an outside photo it looks just great!)

Enjoy! 8D

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  1. imushie
    imushie ·

    I had the same problem when I bought my Diana+. Nice tip ;)

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