Mad Hatter's Tea at the Sanderson Hotel

After a busy day of shopping, afternoon tea is a nice way to relax and chill. The Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at Sanderson is available daily from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. The tea is served in the Courtyard Garden of the Sanderson Hotel.

Executive Chef at Sanderson, Peter Lloyd has taken the traditional British afternoon tea and adapted Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, creating an afternoon tea filled with numerous gastronomic adventures.

The Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea at Sanderson bursts with excitement. ‘Eat Me’ Queen of Hearts contains a strawberry and cream mousse and ‘Drink Me’, an enticing looking bottle containing a wonderful potion of apple pie, lemon curd, and English toffee, this bizarre concoction will make your taste buds go crazy with each sip delivering a totally different and contrasting taste experience as you drink through the layers with a straw. It’s important that you don’t mix the bottle, otherwise you won’t know what you’re tasting!

And that’s not all!

There are blueberry lollipops turning tongues from hot to cold and hazelnut praline ice cream lollipops which explode with a single bite. After that there is a chocolate-and-coffee layered sponge cake and a chocolate rabbit’s clock that melts in one’s mouth.

Finger sandwiches are served in a rainbow of colours, including ham and English mustard on yellow saffron bread and smoked salmon with cream cheese on green spinach bread. These were my favourite!

And finally, there are traditional scones with clotted cream and jam.

All these for £35 a head.

The Sanderson Hotel is also nice for its surroundings. Lovely decor, atmosphere, and nice staff. For more info visit

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