Fairy Tale Pictures - With Water and Salt


Work with the film, force yourselves, no fear. Here’s 2-3 easy steps to make enchanting pictures. You need only two or three things.

A Tipster like many already know it who have tried and posted. It is a very easy Tipster and everyone can try it out with simple household-stuff. So far, I’ve never been able to bring myself to try such experiments. It’s my first experiment in which I worked on the film.

I’ve worked with a Kodak Color print film Plus 200

Before the shoot I’ve thrown several movies in a kettle and boil it, as long as it needs just until the water starts cooking. After I had fished it out again, I rinsed it immediately with cold water and put it in a bowl with salted water, and got shaken about 10 times vigorously. Then I let the bowl stay for about 10 minutes. To dry the Film out, I’ve put it on the heater for 3 days. But to speed up the process I have blotted the film with a soft towel.

What should I do now?
Set the film in your camera, in my case the Lomography Spinner 360° and seek out a suitable subject.
Let’s go!

My little brother has worn a jacket and a venetian plague-doctor-mask and was standing in front of the forest to be photographed. Due to the humidity of the film is the film carriage a little more difficult.

My family and I are delighted with the results and want the images can be printed as a poster.

Try it out – have fun!

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  1. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    The photos turned out so cool!!

  2. socchia
    socchia ·

    these are fantastic - wonder if the rainbow colours show up on all types of negative film...

  3. awfullysasha
    awfullysasha ·

    Hey! Awesome tipster. Will it work out if i do the same for the film after already exposing them? I'm a bit too afraid about the difficult film carraige you mentioned. My 35mm camera is quite filmsy :)

  4. jojo8785
    jojo8785 ·

    Great shots! I too am a little reluctant to treat films prior to exposure...I don't want to risk damaging my camera...

  5. alexiagraphy
    alexiagraphy ·

    Hello people, thanks for the likes and comments. I knows this feeling. I had also fear around my camera!
    I do not know whether it will work if you treat the film after...
    Try it and tell us about your experience.

  6. alexiagraphy
    alexiagraphy ·

    use an empty disposable camera! good idea.. i tried it simply out.
    i don't believe that a little damp film a LomoCam damaged.

  7. brmc
    brmc ·

    hey there!
    yesterday i tried it immediately after i read this post. just because the great results!
    i took 1 fujicolor superia x-tra 400 and 1 by polaroid iso 200
    and i add some vinigar and lemon to the saltwater
    i'm really curious
    but now they're chillin' in the heaterroom...
    ah! and thanks for sharing!

  8. alexiagraphy
    alexiagraphy ·

    We want to see the result! :D
    Please tell and show us if it so far is!

  9. kiddo20
    kiddo20 ·

    I want to try it too! haha.. by the way do you have printed pictures of your shots?

  10. alexiagraphy
    alexiagraphy ·

    Not yet, but soon

  11. rowiteck
    rowiteck ·

    Hi Alexia,I loved the results of your experiment but I have a question, maybe stupid but I'm really in doubt... you boiled the film and put it in the salt water...but it was outside the spool? or not? and when you said that you used a towel ...did you pull it off the spool to do this? Thanks

  12. alexiagraphy
    alexiagraphy ·

    @rowiteck hello. No, the film was in the spool, except as i used the towel.
    sit in a darkroom, take the film outside the spool and dry it. :) I hope I could you help.
    happy new year ;)

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