Tour De Manhattan

Two wheelers are taking over the island. Check out the bikes in NYC!

The August 11, 2011 issue of Timeout New York Magazine had the headline “Things to do before summer ends.” The thing that stood out for me is that people are already talking about summer ending. It feels like it only really just started. It did however, gave me motivation to do something I had been meaning to do for awhile and that was to take a bike ride from the West Village up to the Cloisters.

This Lomo location is not about this ride however, it is about this city’s growing obsession with bikes. There are literally hundreds of kilometers of bike paths throughout Manhattan. Riding a bike through the city and surrounding boroughs provides a unique perspective on this wonderful place. The slow-mo pace provides much opportunity to observe things that you would not likely see when speeding past in a car. It also allows you to cover a decent amount of distance compared to walking.

There are plenty of places to hire bikes. There are many neighborhood bike stores who will rent them as well as big chains in popular tourist spots like Central Park, Battery Park, and near the Circle Line dock.

My top bike riding experiences so far include:

*Heading to Brooklyn through the Manhattan Bridge. There are far fewer people at the Brooklyn Bridge and you can really get some speed up after the halfway mark.
*The entire Westside of Manhattan. You can ride the entire length of the island along this bike path.
*Riding around Central Park. Enough said.

So dust off the old two-wheeler and get out there and explore.

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