Diana+ Cable Release Adaptor Will Be Your Friend

If you have a very unsteady hand, the shutter-release button of Diana F+ will be your enemy. However the Cable Release wire will be you friend.

Almost everybody, while pressing the shutter button for taking a photo with the Diana F+, has shaken the camera a bit, obtaining a result similar to the one below.

Credits: isabel_mebarak

Or because the Diana requires more distance, who has not taken a self-portrait and obtained blur pictures like the following?

Here is is the solution! The marvelous Diana F+ Cable Release Adaptor!

It is perfect for long-exposure, even can be locked in a way that avoids the need to press the button continuously. Amazing!

But let’s talk about what I use. In every case! It’s been the best investment I’ve ever done. It’s always fitted to my Diana whichever the distance I take the photo from. That way, I prevent to shake the camera when shooting. So I get perfect pictures.

How nice and useful! It can be used even in the Diana Mini. Simply detach the wire and…voilà!

Now we can also take far self-portrait using the Diana Mini!

You can’t lose it. This is a real gem of a gadget for both Diana. I almost want to bring it with me when I dance!

Lomo on!

The Diana+ Cable Release Adaptor will keep your camera steady for nighttime and long-exposure images. You don’t have to hold your camera all the time, because the cable release adaptor can be locked to make a really long exposure. Get your own Diana+ Cable Release Collar now!

written by isabel_mebarak on 2011-08-24 #gear #cable-release #review #mini #cable #lomography #diana #disparador #user-review #diana-cable-release-adaptor
translated by isabel_mebarak


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