My Favorite Non-Summer Vacation: NYC

Always traveling during wintertime, this time, my travels took me from South to North!

Since I live in the southern hemisphere, most of my trips abroad happen during my summer vacation – meaning, not summer up there

My last trip was to NYC…during Christmas, and the one before that was in Europe during fall, and even before that was another European vacation…during winter…again!

At least for me, snow is something close to my heart as I don’t get to experience it back home so, it’s always fun and a magical experience! It’s also, a great way to escape from the hot, hot, HOT weather of Rio de Janeiro especially during December to January!

Unfortunately during my first European trip I wasn’t a Lomo lover…yet, so I don’t have analogue photographs to share from that trip but during my NYC vacation, I was already very much addicted and I took: my Diana F+, Action Sampler, Fisheye and a Pentax! This time it was all about analogue!

Of course, NYC is a great city in any season…but for me, winter just leaves such a magic feeling!

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