First Exposure with a Homemade Splitzer on a Dance Floor and Second Exposure at a Wedding


Weddings tend to be a very formal event, everyone dresses very smart and the venue is usually too inexpressive (a room decorated with flowers). Here is an easy way to bring craziness to a wedding or any event lacking colorful lights.

Credits: zipper

Without any doubt weddings are fun, but when looking at the pictures they don’t always reflect this fun side. The photos are too formal, with people wearing smart dresses and in a room which usually lacks vibrance and colour.

This summer I have found a club with disco dance floor lights, it is the greatest way to stimulate dancing: you have to be moving your feet all the time. So I decided to mix those lights with the wedding I was going to go to a few weeks later.

The photo material is very easy to find:

  • one film, preferably not too slow, I used a Lomography CN 400 ISO
  • a small piece of cardboard, enough to cover half the lens of the camera you are going to use
  • a little bit of scotch tape
  • a flash with colour filters (e.g.: Ring Flash) NB: I don’t think the use of the color filters for the flash is absolutely necessary, but the flash is needed or the pictures will be blurry.
  • a club with disco dance floor lights (I used the ones in this club in Cambridge, UK: Lola Lo)
  • a wedding or any other formal event

The process is very easy:
1. Cover the top half of the lens of your camera with the piece of cardboard and fix it to the camera with scotch tape.

2. Shoot the entire roll, with images of the disco dance floor lights. Don’t think too much but try to do silhouettes with your hands and feet, ask for some help from your friends.

3. When rewinding the film make sure you leave a bit poking out so reloading is easier. Keep film safe until formal event.

4. Reload the roll of film and take off the cardboard splitzer

5. Dress smart, take your camera with your flash to the wedding and enjoy documenting the evening!

6. Take your double exposed roll to the lab and develop it normally

These are my results with the LC-W and a ring flash Most of the pictures came out well, but I have made a selection of the ones where you can see the effect of the dance floor lights.

Credits: zipper

written by zipper on 2011-08-22 #gear #tutorials #film #splitzer #wedding #tipster #double-exposure #dance-floor #quickie-tipster #gupexperiment

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  1. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    The photos look awesome!

  2. didimuir
    didimuir ·

    really cool pics!!

  3. zipper
    zipper ·

    thanks guy I was very pleased with this little experiment that I am repeating very soon!

  4. zipper

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