Real Life Beauty LomoWall Rumble Winner Announcement


After a challenging selection process, we finally picked the pictures that will soon form a huge LomoWall in Santiago the Chile! Curious if you made it to the wall? Here are the results as well as some first info about the upcoming exhibition:

First of all, thanks to everyone who submitted a pictures to the Real Life Beauty LomoWall Competition. 1.200 amazing photos made our selection process for the best “Real Life Beauty” pictures really tough, but now it’s finally time to announce the results. The lucky winners come to enjoy 5 delicous piggy points besides being part of the exhibition!

photo by pete

Now some numbers of the first LomoWall just dedicated to one of our prophecies:

  • Size… 22 mts. long (about 72 ft) and 2.4 mts. high (almost 8.5 ft)
  • We are printing 7.300 pictures – standard format as well as panorama pics including Spinner 360 photos
  • 385 people selected through this rumble
  • Submissions came from 48 countries around the world which make this LomoWall a real international Gesamtkunstwerk

Last but now least we reveal the details of the exhibition:
The LomoWall will be launched on August 19, at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, Santiago de Chile, celebrating the Chilean National Day of Photography and will stay there for one whole month!
If you are around Santiago that time, don’t miss the opening party on August 19 at 7pm. Expect lots of lomographers, drinks, music and flashing flashes at Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 227.

We hope to see you there!

Here’s the winner list:

0live, 12_12, 1nng, 2mur, 2y2son4, 86john, aalper, adan, adi_totp, adibfarhan, aftereight, akosimilya, alex34, alexmiller, alia, alicita, alosaluap, am, amapola_sophie, amelia37blue, amirulshahrom, amkatya, anafaro, analogmonolog, andrealcubo, andrescristopher, angels_lomo, aninarubio, anneis, apien, aprilrich427, arabrab, aracnoide, arissainwonderland, arnanda, artvandelay, arurin, ashdinosaur, atria007, babyborderline, badjuju, baijiu89, barakalofi, barbarazurc, bigbadwolf, bio_lenta, blancarleal, bluemie5, blueskyandhardrock, bombetator, bons, bonski, bonzone, boobert, boredbone, britterzb, brommi, buckshot, bulletofmine, bylcuenca, calfaroz, carolin, casiopeia, cc-in-paris, champignons, chengwanling, chermink, chewy, chiox, chrisj1992, chucknoz, cinzinc, ck_berlin, clarap, clawdey, coca, colagold, comraderudy, conijusti, conir, consuelola, cornborn, courtneygawthorp8193, craigramsden cutebun, cwyeung, cyan-shine, dan_brito, daniellepetrosa, deebs, deedeet, deedigsfeathers, deprofundis, devildi, devilfirzen, dgito7830, discodrew, disdis, dogma, dowsky, drame, duuckie, ecchymoses, elainepooh, elisss, elvismartinezsmith, epinay, erikagrendel, erikjorgensen303, erinwoodgatesphotography, eskimofriend, eskye, evelyna, evenie, fabianohivio, fabiomachado, fafascinado, fakeover, fancho, fefo, felipete3, flavzi, fletchinski84, flyaway, flyboy, fram, francesco1, fritssi, funfun, gaabi, gabsc, gateau, gatokinetik-o, gatorchick, gborin, gepo1303, gering, ghidini, gionnired, girlmonochromism, glenn, gm_mcleod, gojamaicago, goldie, grandpaspooky, grazie, guitarleo, gysm, hail90, hanibale, harrietgreen, helenapie, ==herbert-4", "hhjm":/homes/hhjm, "hillymart":/homes/hillymart, "holygrail":/homes/holygrail, "homer":/homes/homer, "husnabahrudin":/homes/husnabahrudin, "i_fung":/homes/i_fung, "iaki":/homes/iaki, "ianaggie":/homes/ianaggie, "ibrayoussef":/homes/ibrayoussef, "icecansee":/homes/icecansee, "iidiko":/homes/iidiko, "ilfrusta":/homes/ilfrusta, "ilpella":/homes/ilpella, "inkkl":/homes/inkkl, "isabel_mebarak":/homes/isabel_mebarak, "isilu":/homes/isilu, "istionojr":/homes/istionojr, "ivanabanana":/homes/ivanabanana, "jaalvarez":/homes/jaalvarez, "jabuka":/homes/jabuka, "jacobsenwithane":/homes/jacobsenwithane, "jaded-amore":/homes/jaded-amore, "jameshuffman85":/homes/jameshuffman85, "jandra":/homes/jandra, "jarvislomo":/homes/jarvislomo, "javihacefotos":/homes/javihacefotos, "jean_louis_pujol":/homes/jean_louis_pujol, "jeffoverthere":/homes/jeffoverthere, "jeffro200181":/homes/jeffro200181, "jenbo":/homes/jenbo, "jenlifa":/homes/jenlifa, "jennysparkle":/homes/jennysparkle, "jensandwich":/homes/jensandwich, "jesschoo":/homes/jesschoo, "jesushp":/homes/jesushp, "jimmyhido":/homes/jimmyhido, "jiprock":/homes/jiprock, "jojo8785":/homes/jojo8785, "jojomelons":/homes/jojomelons, "jojothemonkeyy":/homes/jojothemonkeyy, "jonalon":/homes/jonalon, "jonathanliew":/homes/jonathanliew, "jonolomo":/homes/jonolomo, "jonzy":/homes/jonzy, "juanix":/homes/juanix, "juano":/homes/juano, "juhudi":/homes/juhudi, "kamilou":/homes/kamilou, "kareninalovely":/homes/kareninalovely, "katheerine":/homes/katheerine, "katinkaja":/homes/katinkaja, "kelseygreathizzy":/homes/kelseygreathizzy, "khairulanwarzainal":/homes/khairulanwarzainal, "kitde":/homes/kitde, "kleeblatt":/homes/kleeblatt, "kneehigh85":/homes/kneehigh85, "konbiw":/homes/konbiw, "kostas":/homes/kostas, "kylemundo":/homes/kylemundo, "kylethefrench":/homes/kylethefrench, "la_sombrereria":/homes/la_sombrereria, "lachimera":/homes/lachimera, "lamp":/homes/lamp, "lance":/homes/lance, "lawypop":/homes/lawypop, "laylara":/homes/laylara, "lemmy":/homes/lemmy, "lenheln":/homes/lenheln, "lianakatrina":/homes/lianakatrina, "life_on_mars":/homes/life_on_mars, "lightblue":/homes/lightblue, "lighthouse_keeperess":/homes/lighthouse_keeperess, "lilaluke":/homes/lilaluke, "lisi":/homes/lisi, "lislisdotnet":/homes/lislisdotnet, "lixandru":/homes/lixandru, "lizbradley3":/homes/lizbradley3, "lmr":/homes/lmr, "lomo2surf":/homes/lomo2surf, "lomopop":/homes/lomopop, "lou1sb":/homes/lou1sb, "lu_bettyb00p":/homes/lu_bettyb00p, "lucretia":/homes/lucretia, "lyle_st_lynn":/homes/lyle_st_lynn, "magali":/homes/magali, "mandecster":/homes/mandecster, "maneke":/homes/maneke, "markxs":/homes/markxs, "marshall4480":/homes/marshall4480, "maryjane":/homes/maryjane, "maryona":/homes/maryona, "mauky":/homes/mauky, "mavikiz":/homes/mavikiz, "megs79":/homes/megs79, "melissajtest":/homes/melissajtest, "melodamyus":/homes/melodamyus, "minilidia":/homes/minilidia, "minzoo":/homes/minzoo, "mneme":/homes/mneme, "mohdsaddam":/homes/mohdsaddam, "mollyunderwater":/homes/mollyunderwater, "moodification":/homes/moodification, "morty":/homes/morty, "mral":/homes/mral, "mr-furet":/homes/mr-furet, "mrrotivlarbac":/homes/mrrotivlarbac, "mrsweirdyetcool":/homes/mrsweirdyetcool, "mune316":/homes/mune316, "naomac":/homes/naomac, "naqi":/homes/naqi, "natalieerachel":/homes/natalieerachel, "naxoman77":/homes/naxoman77, "neja":/homes/neja, "nicolasesc":/homes/nicolasesc, "nikkaxxx":/homes/nikkaxxx, "nina_ska":/homes/nina_ska, "nmisc90":/homes/nmisc90, "nock":/homes/nock, "noe_arteaga":/homes/noe_arteaga, "notyetthedodo":/homes/notyetthedodo, "nyla":/homes/nyla, "odax":/homes/odax, "odjur":/homes/odjur, "orangebird":/homes/orangebird, "orbitcomplete":/homes/orbitcomplete, "oz1gyq":/homes/oz1gyq, "paintinglines":/homes/paintinglines, "panelomo":/homes/panelomo, "panjihardjakaprabon":/homes/panjihardjakaprabon, "paper_doll":/homes/paper_doll, "pepper-b":/homes/pepper-b, "peropero":/homes/peropero, "pete":/homes/pete, "pfenya":/homes/pfenya, "phalanx":/homes/phalanx, "phishfood":/homes/phishfood, "phoenix1206":/homes/phoenix1206, "photohuggers":/homes/photohuggers, "piggy_wiggy":/homes/piggy_wiggy, "pmvidal":/homes/pmvidal, "pomps":/homes/pomps, "primaveira":/homes/primaveira, "projectsnap":/homes/projectsnap, "puechnerbooks":/homes/puechnerbooks, "purekunst":/homes/purekunst, "purepaty":/homes/purepaty, "pyromonkey333":/homes/pyromonkey333, "pzjo":/homes/pzjo, "qrro":/homes/qrro, "quaisoir":/homes/quaisoir, "r1c4rd0zk":/homes/r1c4rd0zk, "racarrete":/homes/racarrete, "raquellogs":/homes/raquellogs, "rastablues":/homes/rastablues, "rdp_ribeirense":/homes/rdp_ribeirense, "realrampage":/homes/realrampage, "regina_falangi":/homes/regina_falangi, "rembow":/homes/rembow, "rememberhappiertimes":/homes/rememberhappiertimes, "remko":/homes/remko, "renenob":/homes/renenob, "retart":/homes/retart, "reverte":/homes/reverte, "ricardovidal":/homes/ricardovidal, "ritamiguel":/homes/ritamiguel, "rjk_89":/homes/rjk_89, "robotmonkey1996":/homes/robotmonkey1996, "robter":/homes/robter, "rodrigo":/homes/rodrigo, "roquenuevo":/homes/roquenuevo, "rosiec":/homes/rosiec, "rudemuinho":/homes/rudemuinho, "ruskidd":/homes/ruskidd, "saidseni":/homes/saidseni, "santorinihippie":/homes/santorinihippie, 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"trashpilotin":/homes/trashpilotin, "trippp":/homes/trippp, "trw":/homes/trw, "tsingtao":/homes/tsingtao, "tyler_durden":/homes/tyler_durden, "ululchen":/homes/ululchen, "valennano":/homes/valennano, "veato":/homes/veato, "vicuna":/homes/vicuna, "vidrarvel":/homes/vidrarvel, "vittyeli":/homes/vittyeli, "vonfarago":/homes/vonfarago, "voodoojava":/homes/voodoojava, "wapclub":/homes/wapclub, "watttan":/homes/watttan, "weaver":/homes/weaver, "webo29":/homes/webo29, "welland":/homes/welland, "wil6ka":/homes/wil6ka, "wiselman":/homes/wiselman, "xautumno":/homes/xautumno, "xaviru":/homes/xaviru, "xxxanderrr":/homes/xxxanderrr, "yapfl":/homes/yapfl, "ydpsh":/homes/ydpsh, "yngjn":/homes/yngjn, "yolicious":/homes/yolicious, "yuki916chan":/homes/yuki916chan, "yuvs":/homes/yuvs, "zoezo":/homes/zoezo, "zosiazadan":/homes/zosiazadan, "zufolare==":/homes/zufolare

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  1. zoezo
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    Who won?

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    Oh! Thanks for chosen my photo :D

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  14. space_they_cannot_touch
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    guess a list of 385 names would have been just too long, so I guess we'll have to wait and see if piggies turn up in our accounts

  15. natalieerachel
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    Awww :/ I wanna know!

  16. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    "Rumble details

    Prize(s): 5 Piggies for everyone whose picture(s) are chosen for the LomoWall"
    So 385 people will get 5 piggies and they won... Just wait for them

  17. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    "now it’s finally time to announce the results." Just wait for now. :)

  18. jojo8785
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    List names please :D

  19. bio_lenta
    bio_lenta ·

    Wait a minute... 1200 photos, but 1189 were submitted... and...
    "We are printing 7.300 pictures [...]
    385 people selected through this rumble"


  20. cruzron
    cruzron ·

    @bio_lenta - we rounded up for the writeup. for the 385/7,300, we usually print out multiples to make the lomowall patterns!

  21. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    So who won again?

  22. cruzron
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    updated with the winner list. congrats to everyone!

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    you can see the making off here:

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    wow! almost everyone i know r on this list!congrats everyone!!! and thanks 4 the piggies...yeah extended piggies!!!

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    Thanks a lot!!
    How i can knew the selected photo??

  42. panjihardjakaprabon
    panjihardjakaprabon ·

    woohoo glad to see my name on the list... (copy paste from everybody) I wish I knew which photo won!
    thanks :D

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    Oooh! Thank you LSI! Congratulations everybody! :) Piggies!

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    have a look :

  48. arabrab
    arabrab ·

    Awesome!!!! I won!!! Now I just really want to know what picture of mine was chosen for the lomowall, I participate in multiple competitions and I can't really remember which one I uploaded......!

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  53. schemerel
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    Cool :3

  63. lamp
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    Yay :)

  64. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Thank you, congrats to all and to Lomo Chile! But I have to say it's really annoying to never know the pictures that make it to the Lomowalls, I'm still waiting to know which one made it to the Ukraine wall. I hope you can understand why this is so upsetting to us. Love! ;)

  65. gatorchick
    gatorchick ·

    Thanks...and I was wondering as well which photo is on the wall!

  66. xaviru
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    thanks! first time winning something on lomography! I'm happy!!!

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    thank u so much! #proud and #firsttime winner :)

  69. bass_clarinet_2000
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    Yay! It's a shame I dont' remember what I put in.

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  75. carolin
    carolin ·

    HEY! my photo isn't in this wall :(
    I went to see it at GAM and I couldn't find my job amond the exposed. I'm from Santiago, and I wasn't invited to the opening :(

    If I don't see the piggies in my account, I never would have heard about the event

    Thanks for choose my photo, but I don't know what to think :/

  76. evenie
    evenie ·

    wow~!!! thanks! me too..wish to know which pic got chosen!!!

  77. magali
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    Woah, I got the 5 piggies, and I only just realised now :s

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