Analogue Adventures with My Pets: Walking the Dog


Whenever I’m at my parents’, I go for endless and fun walks with their neighbor’s beautiful dog.

Credits: cornborn

Orpheus is a special dog. He’s extremely friendly, active and just really unbelievably smart. For those of you who know a thing or two about dogs, he’s an Australian Shepherd x Border Collie mix, and he totally inherited the intelligence gene.

Credits: cornborn

Orpheus belongs to my parents’ neighbor, a single lady. Due to her work, she doesn’t always have the time to give him the workout such an active dog needs on a daily routine. I, on the other hand, love playing and running around with him every once in a while, which is perfect: I get to have fun with Orphi and she doesn’t need to worry about him using his energy in less constructive ways around the house.

My parents live in a neighborhood right by a large forest, so I always take Orpheus for a walk in the woods. He loves playing with his dog frisbee that he almost always catches mid-air. It’s quite fascinating to watch him jump for it. If we forget the disc, he’ll also gladly run for sticks and carry them around.
Sometimes I bring a camera along and snap a few pictures.

Credits: cornborn

Whenever I get home from walking Orphi, my own dog, Paula, is very very jealous. She won’t greet me at the door and usually she just eyes me very suspiciously. However, she’s too old and by far not active enough to walk with Orpheus and I, so she has to stay at home and gets walked at a slower pace. Of course, I always cuddle with her and assure her that she’s my only dog! :)

Credits: cornborn

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