My Favorite Childhood Hangout: Leiria Train Station


The dream of being in the old, old west is almost a reality. Being near the train lines and the carriages is a curiosity for all children. For me and my friends, it was a constant hobby, and all the stations were our playground.

I live about 3 miles away from the center of my city, Leiria. Where I live, there’s a train station whose railway section was built in the XIX century, a period when development for Portugal’s railway system was in full swing. Naming the small community of Leiria-Gare proved to be just in time for the station to be dubbed as such (as in “train station”).

Like all children, me and my childhood friends had to find a place closer to home where we could play and the train station proved to be ideal. Although it seems to be a dumb and dangerous idea (and it is) there were never a lot of trains. We also had a very large space next to the warehouses where we could play some football matches. But every once in a while (and after looking well on the right side and on the left side), we would cross the railway line. We’d loved to see the cars up close, feel the tapping of stones at our shoes and obviously loved waving at (by far) people inside the trains. Our eyes sparkled with everything we found such as traffic lights, signs, rails… everything! It was our ideal scenario to simulate the classic old west fights between cowboys and indians.

It was and it still is a peaceful entry and exit for some tourists and for me and my gang it was a place of magic and discovery.

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  1. zulupt
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    Boa história e boas fotos ;) Tops.

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