Nossa Sr. da Encarnação Church

This church and the space that surrounds it is an ideal place to relax during moments of silence while contemplating the very beautiful city of Leiria and its beautiful castle. Religious an non-religious join together in this pleasant place.

Like all cities, Leiria also has a vast number of churches that satisfies the most religious ones and tourists. For those who do not find answers in religion, churches may serve to kill the curiosity of history. However, the Church of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação can offer a little more for being situated in a lofty and privileged position over the city of Leiria. According to legend, this church (or shrine) was built over the site where there was an old chapel. In the sixteenth century an invalid lady was taken to mount St. Gabriel where she entered the old chapel and soon arose and began to walk. By reason of this miracle the people began the construction of the Shrine, a symbol of the patron saint of the city of Leiria. We can reach the top by car or by the beautiful and very white staircase with 162 steps. At the top we find a church with 12 arches that surround it and inside find tiles that replaced the original destroyed during the invasions of Napoleon’s troops.

Today we find many people, young people and adults to have this beautiful space for a good time to chat, flirt and relax.

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