3 - Rollei Creative Edition: Blackbird


This is my third review from the Rollei Creative Editions selection and this is the black and white version called Blackbird.

Credits: kneehigh85

The Rollei Blackbird was the last one out the 4 films that I used and after the 2 redscale ones I did not hold out much hope of this one being any good really. Particularly because those 2 had been a much higher ISO and still underexposed in places and I knew that this was only a 100. But still I gave it a go on a very sunny day and took it in my LC-A back in spring time. I must admit I used it in the brightest sun I think we are every likely get in mainland UK so as to get the best out of the relatively slow speed film. I was so happy with how they came out, no grain this time, no siree! The photos below are my favourites from the set and I think give a good example of what a beginner can do with this nice fine-grain film.

Credits: kneehigh85

It has been quite hard to review this film because the one roll I used came out better than expected but due to something going wrong in the lab, there is a band around all the photos of a bubbly liquid so it is hard to judge this. I think had that not happened then I would have given this film at least an 8 out of ten as I really like the contrast and it is one of the nicer 35mm black and white films I have used.

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  1. samwengchern
    samwengchern ·

    Nice! I recognize this place. Its Coventry. I went there during March. :)

  2. girl_named_sue
    girl_named_sue ·

    The bubble effect is actually quite beautiful -- it gives the photos a lovely aged look. And it makes them quite spooky too, which suits the film and the location!

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