Fuji Cheki 55 – Mini camera, Mini Photos


A cute handy instant camera from Japan that can accompany you everywhere.

Although I am still sad about the production stop of Polaroid’s instant cameras and films this camera is a very good alternative for my longing for instant photos. I was very happy to hear that this kind of instant photography and the enthusiasm for it is still living in Japan.

You can shoot without thinking about the settings – just according to the Lomographic idea. The camera does the work for you. Nevertheless, you can also adjust the lighten-darken control or the fill-in flash mode and the landscape mode. The Fuji Cheki even has a tripod socket which you can use for example for the self-timer.

As the space between the view-finder and the object lens is quite long, you have to take the parallax error into consideration. Therefore you have to place the camera a bit more to the left direction as well as to the top than you might see it through the view-finder.

This camera uses the Fuji Instax Mini Film. I like to peel off the white frame. Then you get a bit trashy but very interesting looking frame for your instant photo. But be aware of the remaining ink in the inner life of this white frame!

The best thing at the end: you don’t only acquire a simple instant camera. You can start your LC-A up with the equipment of the Fuji Cheki 55. The Close-up lens can be put onto your LC-A! It fits! Believe me! Don’t fear the tiny cracking sound when you try it for the first time.

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  1. xbalboax
    xbalboax ·

    nice review, i love this camera!

  2. wilbert
    wilbert ·

    I like the brown one:

    Hey, but there is a new Hello Kitty one. It seems to be a different model, so the specifications might be a little different. But at any rate, the Hello Kitty design is pretty unique.

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