Mpora LomoAmigo: Tristan Kennedy


In the second of our Mpora LomoAmigo series we bring you the wise words and extreme photos of Tristan Kennedy, the Deputy Editor of Whitelines, the UK’s premier snowboard magazine!

Name: Tristan Kennedy
Age: 26
Location: London

Tell us a bit about yourself….
I like other stuff as well as snowboarding.

How did you become the deputy editor of Whitelines?
I snowboarded since the age of twelve, did a couple of seasons and got a degree in English & French. At some stage during my degree (probably around the same time I first read Robert Fisk and Hunter S Thompson) I decided being a journalist would be rad, so started writing for uni magazines, as well as writing freelance for a couple of travel titles, and doing internships at The Guardian and The Sunday Times as well as a couple of local rags.When I finished I worked for an online news agency for six months… but there was still a hell of a lot of luck involved in landing the job. I think there always is a certain amount, however well qualified you might be.

What’s the best part of your job?
This is gonna make me sound like a dick, but whatever. Every now and then right, you’re strapping in at the top of a mountain and you think: “Shit, this is my job. I’m getting paid for this.”

and the worst?
I still sit at a desk for 9 months of the year.

Where were your photos taken?
Some around London, some in the Kaunertal valley in Austria where we go for our annual snowboard test.

Are you a keen lomographer or are you new to this whole thing?
I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘lomographer’ – I’m a photographer who occasionally uses a film camera. But mostly I stick to digital.

What did you think of the Fisheye 2?
Fun, easy to use, simple and produces some entertaining results.

If your photos could have a soundtrack, what would it be? (3 songs, title and artist please)
Don’t Say Oh Well – Grouplove
Bad Like Jimmy Cliff – Warrior One
Liza – Kanda Bongo Man

If you could photograph anything in the world (person, place, moment, whatever) what would it be?
Spain in the late 1930s.

what’s coming up next in your world?
A big deadline.

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  1. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    I love GROUPLOVE and totally can't wait for snowboarding season again!

  2. peteparker
    peteparker ·

    Great article Tristan :-)

  3. welland
    welland ·

    Im off on the 28th Jan. Im going to shred L2A a new A

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