Hallstatt: A Lovely Town


It is a lovely town for taking photos and a World Heritage Site! It’s definitely one of those places that deserve a visit.

Hallstatt is located in the Salzkammergut region. Located in the lake region, Hallstatt is famous for its salt mines. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

The Salzberg, i.e. salt mine, is a good place to start with. It is located on a hill. To reach the Salzberg, one can take the Salzbergbahn. In the Salzberg, there are long slides and you can experience what it is like inside a salt mine. After visiting the salt mine, I would suggest one to hike down the hill, instead of taking the Salzbergbahn so that you can appreciate the village from a high point and descend gradually. Moreover, in one of the descending routes, there is a terrace crossing a waterfall and the view is spectacular. Roughly, it takes half an hour to get down.

The main street is pretty busy as it is filled with tourists. It is lined with a lot of shops, from souvenir shops, to shops selling salt, to shops selling Austrian crafts. The houses are very beautiful. From the main street, you can also see the beautiful lake. The lake and the hills around form a very beautiful and calming landscape, especially for taking photos. If you have time, you can also hire a boat and go pedaling in the lake!

To go to Hallstatt, one can drive, though I do not have much information on that. You can also take the local trains from Attnang-Puchheim to Hallstatt. From Hallstatt, you need to take a boat across the lake to reach the village. From Salzburg, it roughly takes 3 hours to get there by train.

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  1. wonderdude
    wonderdude ·

    I visited this town with a student exchange group back in high school. We rented paddleboats and had a lot of fun. What a great place with fantastic views!

  2. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    great article! i'd definitely walk down as to taking the bus - walking is always better

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