A Very Special Weekend: Kuala Kurau, Malaysia

In this particular weekend, I followed one of my classmates back to her hometown. A special thanks to her family’s warm hospitality and care. During this visit I brought my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim while the camera was loaded with a Kodak Elitechrome EBX – love the color of EBX very much!

In Kuala Kurau, the people here provide warm hospitality and amazing food which you can’t find in other places. Kuala Kurau in Perak, Malaysia is a small fishing village near the Pacific Ocean and Penang, an hour’s drive away from Penang. Most of the villagers here are fishermen and some of them run their own small family businesses.

Kurau is a very special town just like the Hong Kong movie, “72 Tenants”, not only are you surrounded by relatives and friends, but the elderly as well. Here, it is very safe and the people living here are used to leave their front doors unlocked. This is due to the fondness of the people with each other and the strong bond between them. On the streets, it does not matter whether the person is a friend or a stranger, they will often greet each other. The transportation in this town does not rely much on cars but more on tricycles, bicycles and even motorcycles.

During this weekend, I experienced a lot of “firsts”: my first tricycle ride (and almost knocked into a pole), my first motorcycle ride (a special thanks to my friend’s mother, I was so nervous!), and the first hottest meal I have ever had. (I’m not a person who can take in such spicy food.)

Kurau life is simple and the buildings are full of history. Most young people whom are out of town are either studying or working, and the rest of the villagers are mostly elderly folks. My friends and I purposely went back to visit her mother, which made her mother incredibly happy. She kindly prepared her famous “Asam Laksa” for us to eat. My classmate’s mother runs her food stall with a tricycle and the business has been going on for decades. If you happen to pass one of the crossroads in Kurau Kurau, you must search for the special “Asam Laksa” store which is totally irresistible and the taste is always fantastic!

Later that trip, my friends brought me to one of the bridges during dawn just to experience the view of the sunrise in the countryside.
A small temple beside my friend’s house.
My shadow was snapped as well.
Some of the vinyl collection of my friend’s mom.
In front of my friend’s home.
Old shop lots.
Kurau Bridge, allows only bicycle, motorcycle and human to cross at a time.
Taken while being fetched on the motorcycle.
A visit to a local temple on the same day.
Random shots taken during a walk back to my friend’s home.

Friends whom are used to the city life and want to try a simpler life, take break. Release yourselves from the busy life with the crazy traffic and make a trip here during the weekend. Also, do not forget to bring your favourite camera!

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