Songgwangsa Temple, Naganeupseong & Suncheonman Bay, Suncheon (South Korea)

One of the most famous tourist spots in Suncheon would be Suncheonman Bay, a natural habitat full of reeds. Songgwangsa Temple is famous as it qualifies as one of the three most precious treasures in Buddhism. Last but not least, Naganeupseong Folk Village has a well-preserved castle so you will be able to know and understand the living style of Korean in the past.

Suncheon is located in Jeollanam-do, which is really far away from Seoul. Conceivably, you will not find much foreigners here nor people fluent in English. Still, I would suggest you join the city tour, even though it uses Korean as its medium.

Songgwangsa is a place where you can find peace by walking through the road with huge tall trees on both sides. A lot of high-ranked monks learn Buddhism here in Songgwangsa as Songgwangsa Temple qualifies as one of the Seungbo temples that refer to the disciples who learn many things in Buddhism and who practice them.

Naganeupseong Folk Village consists of a town castle which still has people living there. The castle is well preserved. You’ll be able to observe how the locals live. In there, you will be able to see many straw-roof houses which you might find interesting. There is a road running from North to South of the village. You can reach the highest point by climbing up to the castle and walk along the wall to the south gate where you will be able to observe the village from above.

Suncheonman Bay Ecological park is a field with reeds that’s really tall and is the biggest colony of reeds in South Korea. It is the habitat of many plants and animals. Suncheonman Bay is one of the widely known wetlands where rare birds can be found. There are designated paths inside the reed forest where you will be able to reach different parts of the wetland. The sunset at Suncheonman is also fascinating.

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