Packing in the Meat in NYC

Gentrified cool meets New York strip steak.

The Meatpacking District in New York City is an uber cool home to a mix of vintage warehouses and high-end boutiques and restaurants. Severely gentrified, the last of the meat packers are now down to just one block. Awnings that once sheltered filet mignons now cover the hoards of people that flock down here for brunch and dinner.

My favourite things to do and see around the Meat Packing District include:

Random Street Art
The area is plastered with an ever-changing landscape of stencil, freehand and paste up street art.

The High Line
Section two opened in summer 2011. A fantastic walk and a great way to see the city.

Chelsea Market
Ahhh the food. I love this place. The fish monger here is without a doubt, the best one I have ever been to.

Eating at one of the numerous restaurants
My favorites include MPD and Spice Market. Delicious. Pastis is an experience for brunch but be prepared for a wait.

Having a frothy at the Bier Garden on a Sunday afternoon.
Located under the High Line, this place can get packed. Make sure you get plenty of tokens.

Saturday Night Beauties
Sadly I do not have any photos of this but it really is quite amusing watching the Saturday Night Glamours walking round the cobblestone streets in their massive high heels. It’s a real balancing act.

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