A Glimpse into the Past: Suncheon Open Film Set, South Korea


Are you a big fan of Korean drama? If you are, I am sure you will love this open film set, or you might even have watched one or two dramas that were filmed here. Even if you are not one of us, I am sure you will be able to find the beauty of old Korea and the beauty of this open film set.

Suncheon Open Film Set is located in Suncheon City, Jeollanam-do, South Korea, which is a 5-hour drive from Seoul.

This open film set consists of 3 parts, i.e. 3 villages, representing different eras from the 1950s to 1970s. This is the largest film set in South Korea, which has over 200 houses in total.

While we are watching Korean drama, I’m sometimes fascinated by the old villages and houses. They just look so real on TV. Let me tell you this, the buildings also look real in close proximity. However, some of them were actually built out of plastic foam.

You will be able to go into the old house, take a look at their bedroom, and taste some traditional Korean food. Suncheon Open Film Set is worth spending a whole morning in. You can walk all the way uphill, go between the houses and get a taste of being a Korean living in that era. I am sure the view from the top of the hill will be equally fantastic. Oh, but Suncheon is also one of the hottest cities during summer too, just be careful.

Suncheon does not have that many tourist spots. If you only plan to spend a day in Suncheon, I would suggest that you join the city tour. You will be able to find the tourist center on your left hand side when you come out of the Suncheon Train Station. They have 4 routes of city tour bus with great guides running everyday. Make sure you check the route that you desire and check the corresponding running schedule. If you have a friend who knows Korean, that would be great because the website is only in Korean, so you can book in advance. If not, you can go to the tourist center at around 9am (the bus starts at 9:30am) and sign up on the waiting list. According to the staff there, around 10 people will not show up each time. So, even if you are on the waiting list, it is highly probable that you can join. The tour fee is also reasonably cheap.

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