Bronica ETRsi + 135W Film Back

2011-08-19 2

The Bronica ETRsi is one solid medium format beast but how does it perform when coupled with a 35mm back? Not the normal 35mm back but the wide version…the 135W (very rare!) back!

What happens when a 120mm camera gets coupled with a wide 35mm back? Top that up with a metered prism and all I can say is that you’ll get endless fun with the set up.

Using the pano format back means you will (or rather…might) need to have frame lines on the focusing (if you bother about composition). You can find some of the focusing screens for 35mm backs on eBay or simply draw lines on the focusing screen with a marker pen. Of course it won’t look as neat as the 35mm screens, but hey, it works as well. :)

written by ndroo on 2011-08-19 #gear #bronica #35mm #wide #panoramic #135w #lomography #review #etrsi #back #user-review


  1. matti-one
    matti-one ·

    Wo ist denn der Unterschied zum simplen "Croppen" eines Standard Bildes 6x4,5 eines 120 Rollfilms? Den einzigen Vorteil sehe ich darin, die Filmpalette auf alle Kleinbildtypen zu erweitern.

  2. matti-one
    matti-one ·

    Is there any other difference to just crop the normal 120? The only benifit is for me to be able to use also 35mm stock.

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