Display the Bright Colours: Kodak E100G E6


Failure is often the answer of E6 processing to me. The first time I tasted the feeling of satisfaction was when I got the photos taken by Kodak E100G.

I often get frustrated when getting photos processed as E6. The first time I got satisfied was when I processed my Kodak E100G as E6. The colours are absolutely sharp and bright!

Credits: sebastiansiu

This film is ideal for both clear faces and silhouettes. So, shoot it under bright sunlight or against the sun.

Credits: sebastiansiu

The blue sky is no less beautiful than the xpro photos. Different kinds of blue colours are displayed.

Credits: sebastiansiu

This film is like a little flower that delights you always!

Credits: sebastiansiu

Kodak Ektachrome E 100G 35mm is one hi-tech transparency player. High-efficiency T-Grain emulsion crystals mean that when blown up you can barely detect any grain. Kodak’s amplifying system controls and enhances colour rendition and its advanced emulsion sensitization ensures perky whites and sharper shots. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

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