RECAP: Lomography Gone Wild


Wednesday the 17th of August was a hot and sunny day in New York City, perfect weather for a quick trip up to the Bronx Zoo!

20 new eager lomographers filed into the gallery store on 8th street, buzzing with excitement to unleash their inner tiger at the Zoo!

Everyone got to choose their favorite camera, loaded them, and then we were ready to go. The journey was quite long, but we occupied ourselves with chatter about our cameras, tips and tricks. Then without realizing the time it had taken, we had made it!

We parted ways at the zoo gates and enjoyed a day full of capturing wild animals in our cameras! Overall the day was a huge success, everyone went wild and had loads of fun!

Lomography Gallery Store NYC
41 West 8th Street NYC 10011


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One Comment

  1. luobodingr
    luobodingr ·

    It's a light and tumble journey
    From the East Side to the park;
    Just a fine and fancy ramble
    To the zoo.

    But you can take the crosstown bus
    If it's raining or it's cold,
    And the animals will love it
    If you do.
    If you do....

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