Celebrate 25 Years of the LOMO LC-A With Us!


Where’s The Party?

Where’s The Party?

You’re invited for a year of parties, projects and events in celebration of the little analogue camera where Lomography began! The fact that twenty-five years down the line, the LC-A is more popular than ever – is a clear sign of the uniqueness of this unassuming point and shoot and the staying power of analogue photography. That’s why we’re in the mood to celebrate!

Here’s a taster of what you can look forward to:

  • Big international Lomographic art projects and exhibitions
  • A line of dedicated Lomo LC-A birthday products
  • Hundreds of many mind blowing birthday parties & journeys
  • Wonderful, crazy and interesting workshops
  • Thrilling photographic competitions
  • Special limited editions of the Lomo LC-A cameras
  • Extra surprises

All your fabulous submissions to these projects, be they pucker photo uploads, peachy postcards or tantalizing tales, will find their way into our special LC-A 25th anniversary touring exhibition which will culminate in a grand slam final event!

The party hub for the LC-A 25th anniversary can be found at its dedicated microsite:


You can find everything related to what’s going on in these sections:


We have lots of great parties and projects planned for you to get involved in. Find them all in the Events section on the microsite – there’s even a calendar to help you keep up to date! For full details on the events we have in store, please take a look at “What’s Going On & How Can I Get Involved?”


The LC-A didn’t make it this far without its competitive spirit and so we have devised lots of ways to keep you amused with LC-A themed rumbles, quizzes and other exciting competitions.


The Galleries section of the microsite is overflowing with fantastic LC-A photos. All photos that feature in the Galleries section are streamed from your Labs. So remember to tag your LC-A photos in Labs with ‘LC-A’ or ‘LC-A+’ if you want them to appear in the anniversary galleries!

The LC-A Anniversary on beta.lomography.com

We don’t want you to miss out on any of the exciting celebratory happenings so wherever you stumble across this icon on the Magazine on beta.lomography.com you can be sure that the post is connected to the LC-A 25 Year Anniversary.

25! The LC-A Comes of Age

Some might think that at twenty-five, the LC-A is a bit of a late bloomer, but there aren’t many cameras that have packed in as much drama as this chap. The LC-A’s biography is a story of regime changes, politics and high finance, production struggles and relocations –that’s a lot to survive through and come out more successful on the other side!

It was 19th June 1984 when the first LOMO Compact Automat left the LOMO PLC Factory in St Petersburg and thus we have proclaimed this momentous day the LC-A’s official birthday. Join us for the build-up to the LC-A’s big anniversary bash on 19th June 2009 where we’ll be throwing not-to-be-missed parties at our Gallery Stores and Lomography Embassies parties all around the world. Read on and find out more ways to get involved in all the competitions, parties and projects we have in store!

What’s Going On and How Can I Get Involved?

Community LC-A 25th Anniversary Parties
The party should be held on dates before and after the 19th of June – not on the day itself!

All you have to do is send us your party proposal, and then we’ll select the best ideas and send the host a 25th Anniversary Party goodie bag – packed with lots of cool stuff to get your party swinging in true Lomography style!

Postcard Project

Get creative with your LC-A shots and turn them into an analogue postcard! Using one of your developed LC-A photos as a basis we would like you to let your artistic impulses run free! You can stick things on, draw, graffiti, etch, cut, hammer… whatever takes your fancy. Then send your postcard into our Vienna HQ by good old snailmail! If your is judged by our postcard panel as one of the best you could win yourself a handsome prize!

Bring a LC-A and some friends…

If there was ever a time to buy yourself that LC-A you have always wanted – that time has come! The LC-A Anniversary promises to be a year-long party and we want you to be part of it! Take a look at these princely LC-As and choose your perfect dance partner.

………………………………….. LC-A+ Russian Lens
………………………………….. LC-A Refurb

LC-A Book
………………………………….. Splitzer
………………………………….. LC-A Wide Angle Lens

LC-A Krab
…………………………………. Ringflash
………………………………….. Self Portrait Kit

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