Analogue Approaches to Visual Art: A Touch of Class in Sydney

Tough Titties is an online community dedicated to showcasing female creative talent across Australia. Read on to find out how they kicked the traditional doily right into the 21st century during Sydney Design 2011.

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Doilies serve and have served both a decorative and functional role. They are often intricately designed and executed by anonymous female artists. Tough Titties latched onto this idea/reasoning and invited a pack of 20 designers, illustrators, and artists (all female) to create works using oversized paper doilies as their canvas.

Opening Night via Tough Titties

The artists responded to the concept using their preferred approach including: design, typography, paper sculpture, crochet, illustration, and graffiti. Each juxtaposed her contemporary design onto the traditional, utilitarian shape of the paper doily.

Year of the Rabbit by Bianca Chang via

The artists participating in A Touch of Class are:
Rayna Fahey, Monique Kneepkens, Bianca Chang, Sarah Adamson, Patricia Stepien, Jane Tyrell, Lucy James, Jacque Prior, Trial & Error, Susannah Wimberly, Helen Mycroft, Yiwon Park, Georgia Perry, Erin Field, Emma Thomson, Catriona Secker, Georgia Hill, Jess Huddart, Del Lumanta, Nathania Gilson

Studio Sweet Studio by Jess Huddart via Tough Titties

The exhibition is currently open at: 72B Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia 2010

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