I Love My Supersampler


This is one of the cameras I want to buy again now having regretted selling it.

Of all the Lomo cameras I have bought, this by far is my favorite. I may have sold mine to be able to pay for an LC-A+RL but now that my Supersampler is gone, I miss shooting with it.

Why? Because it’s so easy to use—just load up the film, gently pull the cord and you’re all set! “Don’t think, just shoot” aptly describes how fun it is to take pictures with the Supersampler. The two speeds are wonderful to shoot with. Now if only it had a flash for night shots and a sturdier film advance mechanism to replace the fragile rip cord, it’d be perfect!

Visit the Supersampler microsite here

written by miaboo518 on 2009-01-31 #gear #review


  1. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    parade pictures rock.
    but no offense, this seemed more of a blog rather than a review.
    supersampler love yow!

  2. miaboo518
    miaboo518 ·

    none taken =) we all have different styles in writing reviews. mine just happens to be bloggy-ish

    "don't think, just shoot!"

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