The Seattle Underground Tour

Start off your day at the saloon and then head off on an adventure at Bill Speidel’s underground tour.

On a sunny Saturday morning I drove from Bothell to Pioneer Square to take the famous underground tour.
Pioneer Square-Underground Tour building

Want to hear about the not-so family friendly history of Seattle? You’ll hear everything from prostitution stories, how the opium trade came about in Seattle and that in the 1800s, women had to climb a ladder to get out of the market with their food (remember that in the 1800s, the women wore skirts, no wonder men were happy to hold the ladder for them).

You’ll also hear a lot of interesting facts about Lou Graham aka “the undisputed Queen of the Lava Beds”, Seattle’s most infamous lady. The German-born madame former brothel is now The Washington Court Building.

Wondering how this tour came to be? When Bill Speidel was a columnist for The Seattle Times, he got a letter from a reader asking about the underground areas of Pioneer Square. Bill Speidel replied that he didn’t know much about the underground areas but will learn about it and send her another letter. In the other printed letter he told her to meet him on a Saturday at Pioneer Square where he would take her on a tour and tell her everything he learned from his research. She did come, along with his around 500 other readers, Bill Speidel took $1 from each of them and realised it could be a lucrative business. In 1965, “Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour” was born and the rest is history.
608 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104-2210, United States
(206) 682-4646

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