Experiment with LOMO LC-A and the Splitzer

Are you bored of the typical holidays pictures? How about creating a new city with the best of different places?

I asked to myself the same questions some weeks ago, when I went to London for the second time. I wanted to shoot loads of pictures, of course, but I didn´t want to have the same snaps as the ones I took the year before.

So I took my LOMO LC-A and the splitzer and begun the experiment. It was quite easy, so I am sure that you will be able to carry it out too.

The experiment consists on attaching the splitzer on the LC-A, taking the first set of pictures in one place, rewinding the film and taking a new set of pictures in a new place.

Let me explain the procedure in a detailed way:

1. Load your camera with the film, making sure you draw a mark on it, so you will be able to start the second set of pictures on the same frame.
2. In case you have a bad memory (like me), you can take a picture of the position of the splitzer. It can be also useful if the splitzer moves accidentally.

3. Take the pictures in the first place. You can even try to make some doubles.
4. When finished, rewind the film, but leaving a piece of film out of the canister (stop rewinding when you feel the film loosens).
5. Load the film again, bearing in mind the mark you drew at the beginning, and change the position of your splitzer.

In my case, the pictures didn´t come out as I expected. I don´t know if it was my fault or lab´s. But instead of getting discouraged, this failed have made keep on trying!

Here you are the pictures of a new city that I christened as Brighdon!

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