Lomographing Potsdam, Berlin

Potsdam is a German city located near Berlin, famous because of Sanssouci Palace because it was the home of several sovereigns that established their big and luxurious palaces there. I invite you to discover Potsdam palaces, especially its great gardens trough the plastic lens of my Diana F+.

Credits: carlosbull

Potsdam is a 148,691 population town, which currently receives hundreds of tourists everyday, most of them form Berlin (it takes about an hour to get to Potsdam) who visit the city for its wonderful palaces and gardens.

In the city, you’ll see a big difference or contrast from its big buildings on its suburbs while the beautiful city center has small houses and very crowded commercial streets. But now, we are going to visit the palaces!

Credits: carlosbull

We’ll find a big amount of buildings, and you can visit all of them by paying of course.

Sanssouci Palace
It’s considered as one of the rivals of Versailles with its rococo style and a park surrounding the building which was once the summer palace of Frederick the great, who built it between 1745 and 1747. It’s quite modest and it was after the second World War when it became a tourist attraction.

In 1990, it was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is estimated to be visited by an average of two million people every year. I can say lots of things about Sanssouci but I recommend you to visit it’s wiki page to know more about its style, story, and art.

Orangerie Palace
Rather special, in the middle of a great ride between the gardens, it was built by Frederick William IV of Prussia, and in 1990, it was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It has a length of 300 meters and its style is about the seasons.

Credits: carlosbull

The New Palace
Its construction began in 1673, after the Seven Years War, it is the largest structure of all Potsdam, with over 200 rooms on two floors. Every monarch printed its style in the different rooms of the palace.

This was the palace I visited and for me, its decoration is spectacular (I’m sorry, I have no pictures inside because it was impossible to photograph without paying for a license). The palace has a large theater and different service zones, large living rooms, bedrooms, and libraries. Our friend Wikipedia will show us more!

Credits: carlosbull

Now I’d like to say that one of the most beautiful things are the gardens, which I’m going to show you in photographs. It was really nice and pleasant to walk there, they are very, very big! And there are lots of tourists and people. You can get lost in its labyrinthine paths and you’ll appear in a new place and palace! You can spend a full afternoon photographing all sorts of things!

Potsdam is certainly a good way to escape from Berlin and its cement for a few hours, I recommend it to all of you!

Lastly, you can find more information about the city and what to see in Wikipedia and in the official website of the town

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